About Me

I decided to make this blog because well..I’m really pissed. You follow all these beauty bloggers who promise they are “just like you” but jet off to Paris and get paid to wear a pair of pants. Well I’m not going to be like that because I actually know how it feels to have a mental breakdown in the vegtable isle because how can you afford to eat or scrondging to get color corrector that costs your soul at CVS because you have a gigantic hickey on your neck and have to see your parents in a few hours.

This blog isn’t meant for girls who can afford to shop at Zara or eat vegan (no hate for vegans though) or even travel. This is for my girls out there who don’t care that this frozen pizza has so much processed sugar. It’s all we can afford and it tastes good, Jessica!

This blog will take inspiration from celebraties, decades, music, and more in creating CHEAP outfits. This blog will also talk about other struggles sad, dorky, single,  broke girls deal with, such as men, college, zodiac signs, friends, family, annoying art school kids and more men!

So let’s pour that third glass of that $8.00 wine and cry because we can be broke, anxious and lonely together!