20 Things I’ve Learned

Today is the day that I turn 20 years old. May 20th, 1998, I graced this fine Earth. 20 years later, I have not experienced everything but I definitely have learned so much!

I’ve learned more in my two years of college than ever before. I have grown up and changed my life for the better. I have been able to combat my anxiety and reach some dreams I never though possible-something as little as living on my own.  I went from being the chubby girl who had little to no friends in high school to a girl who lives in an amazing city with a great group of friends and an adorable cat.

Yes, I still with my own demons but has been able to move past and create an amazing life for myself. My life isn’t perfect but I’ve never been happier.

I was thinking back and wondering what things I would tell my younger self or even reflect what I’ve learned now.

Well here is 20 things I’ve learned in my 20 years of life. Enjoy my loves.

(In no specific order)

1. Anxiety doesn’t define you.

2. No one needs a “set style”, experiment with all of them.

3. A small group of friends is worth more than anyone could ever know.

4. Always have flowers in your apartment.

5. Learn your worth THEN find a man who meets those needs.

6. Your mom knows best and she’s doing this because she loves you.

7. Live your life through 90s teen movies! Just realize life is better in reality…its where your cat is.

8. Rap is actually pretty fucking great, so don’t limit the music you listen to.

9. It is ok not know what to do, you’ll figure it out.

10. Embrace your sexuality-it’s nothing to be secretive about.

11. Wear lingerie even when no man is around because that makes you feel the sexiest.

12. Move to the city AND EXPLORE!

13. Let yourself feel beautiful, it’s not cocky-trust me.

14. High school isn’t the best years of your life (it’s actually the complete opposite) but that just means college IS better.


16. Never let people who hurt you see you cry.

17. If he treats you like shit, DROP HIM.

18. Buy that dress…just don’t spend all your money.

19. Take any opportunity that comes your way.

20. You ARE loved.


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