Movies To Watch During The Summer

Summer is coming closer and closer (although the weather says otherwise) and that means no classes! And that means more free time!!

Sounds amazing, I know. Now one way to not have a bummer summer is by watching great movies to inspire your next adventure or one to watch on a rainy summer night with your girls or SO.

Here is a list I’ve compiled of great summer movies (in no specific order), enjoy!

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s dead (1991)


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A young Christina Applegate plays a 17-year-old named Sue.  Sue is finally on summer vacay. Her mother is off on a trip to Austrailia with her boyfriend, so she plans on having a summer filled with no parents and having her siblings wait on her hand and foot…that is until her mom pays an old cranky babysitter to watch over them. When the babysitter dies in her sleep, Sue must support her family without her mother coming home early. She ends up creating a made-up life and resumes for a job in the fashion industry. Sue must learn how to balance adulthood all while still being 17.

The To-Do List (2013)


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Aubrey Plaza plays a girl named Brandy Klark, a girl who was valedictorian of her high school class of 93′ and plans to be the next Hilary Clinton. After graduating high school, she soon told that college is like one sexual pop quiz. She decides the best way to spend this summer trying EVERYTHING until she can lose her virginity to Rusty Waters.


I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)


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Young Freddie Prince Jr, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jennifer Love Hewitt star in this thriller about four young teens who go out on a summer night and end up getting too wasted and running over a man. When they realize he’s dead, they promise to forget about that night. A year later, and they realize someone knows what they did and they are out to kill.


True Romance (1993)


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Written by Quentin Tarantino, Christian Slater stars as a typical man (Clarence) who ends up falling in love a with a prostitute by the name Alabama. Clarence breaks the news to her pimp that Alabama won’t be working for him. Clarence ends up killing the man and grabbing suitcase thinking it’s Alambama’s clothing but ends up being filled with cocaine. The couple decides to drive to California in hoping to sell big but little do they know that the mobs actually after them.


The Crush (1993)


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Alicia Silverstone stars as a 14-year-old girl (Adrian) instantly becomes attracted to Nick (a writer who moves to a new city and rents a room at her home). Nick becomes more concerned the more he has to try to avoid Adrain’s flirting. Things become more serious while Adran grows angrier and more frustrated the more she is rejected by Nick.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)


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The gorgeous Armie Hammer stars in a film that takes place in Italy in the 1980s. A 17-year-old boy named Eilo falls in love with Armie’s character Oliver (an older man who is hired as Elio’s father’s research assistant.  The relationship between the men blossoms into something unforgettable.

PS: You will need tissues



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