How To Wear 90s Trends

Ah yes, the 1990s. *Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer*


Now let’s look more at the positive side of this decade…

Dream in glitter jelly sandals, and mini backpacks. Dream of MTV’s Real World and Beavis and Butthead

Dream of Cher’s closet in Clueless…Now, are you with me?


I sadly was born at the tail end of the 90’s ( 1998) *insert eye roll here* but I had parent’s who were and still are stuck in the 90’s and even a brother who was born in 1991. So, I had my fair exposure to all things 90’s.

Now let’s snap back to reality aka 2018. We sadly don’t live in an era where a boy can call you on your landline and ask to take you out, or a dreamland filled with boy bands and roll on glitter.

But if you’re like me and wish you could take a time machine back to this glittering world…I have some good news for you! The 90’s are back in fashion!

Since spring is here…kinda…I’ve created some ways you can really rock the 1990’s back into your life.


*Warning, you may want to ditch the smartphone*

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers were all the rage, especially when the Spice girl’s started rocking them. I’ve searched high and low to find affordable and a little less extreme but sadly, I’m still looking. Pair them with a cute mini dress and you have a very casual and cute summer outfit!

Baggy Mom Jeans


I mean you really can’t go wrong with baggy mom jeans. So grungy but can make you look frumpy. To avoid that, pair it with a cropped cami or a cute bodysuit. Something tighter and less bulky on the top if the way to go!

School Girl Look

giphy3 90s-fashion-the-90s-6330927-400-300

Cher from Clueless has always been a style icon of mine. The schoolgirl look is both cute and sexy! Make sure you don’t end up looking like a Catholic school girl.



Without looking like a farmer or like you’re still in 5th grade- pair is with a bando top or a cropped tank. This will show some skin and also make you feel comfy and cute (which is always key).



Now on to the accessories that are quintessential for any 90s girl:

Mini Backpack




Tiny Sunglasses



I hope these fahsion trends took you back and please let me know if I should do 90’s beauty trends!

Let me know!



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