How To Spring Clean Your Life

It’s that time of the month…a time where college students nationwide, all have mental breakdowns over their life and their plummeting GPA.

Last night I just sat on my bed and cried. I felt like I needed to take 20 showers even though I knew my body was clean. My life wasn’t. I wanted to give my whole life a shower.

I have felt very unmotivated, sluggish, sleeping hours on end, and just feeling like I’m in a huge funk!

I realized I needed to spring clean my life. I need to stop waking up only 30 minutes before class and feeling rushed and anxious. I need to get my life together so I can thrive (like I do) in the summertime.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry cause I got you! So let you’re self-cry it out (everyone needs to have a mental breakdown every once in a while), clean your face and learn about how YOU can spring clean your life.

*In random order*

Enjoy Your Relationship

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For me especially, I tend to overthink A LOT in relationships and create unnecessary drama. It’s not healthy and it’s not fair for your SO.

Instead of worrying if the “I’m good” text means more than it does, just step back and think about what really matters.

My mom always tells me to just have fun and enjoy the relationship, and I don’t see why not. This is easier said than done, but before you begin to overthink, stop yourself and breath.

Organize Your Closet


A cluttered closet is NEVER good. You feel like you have nothing to wear and you also forget about all your options. I have been very guilty of this and literally have my shoes thrown to back of my closet.

So if you’re feeling like you’re being an outfit repeater, try organizing your closet my “genre”. Dresses with each other, graphic tees, sweaters, etc.

Also, this is a great time to put away some of your winter clothes and get rid of things you never will wear.

Wake-Up At a Set Time Every Morning

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Waking up early then you do is a huge thing I want to accomplish. For me, if I don’t have class until noon or 3:30 (which is most days), I find myself seeping into all hours and feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

For me, my plan is to wake up at 9 AM on the weekdays, when  I don’t have to be in class at 9 AM. I also plan on waking up at 10 AM on weekends. This helps me because then I don’t feel like I wasted my whole day away.

Also, I take medication for my attention deficit disorder, and the key is taking it at the same time every day so it can actually keep you concentrated. Having a wake-up schedule will definitely help with that.

Eat Healthier


Again, easier said than done. BUT I know I’ve really been sick of the junk food lately and really have been wanting to have some more foods that keep feeling focused and less sluggish through my day.

You don’t have to eat healthier to lose weight and you also don’t have to feel bad about eating pizza. But pizza for two days straight probably isn’t good for you.

For me, the ADD medicine I take, only makes me hungry around dinner time. So I am going hours on end not eating a single thing.

My plan is to have breakfast which will be fruit and coffee and try to have a light snack during the day.

Drink More Water


This is very important! When you feel very gross and tired, it’s most likely because you’re dehydrated. Drinking more water also just really helps your skin too!

I need to do this because I’ve been having headaches like every day and the sugary drinks/caffeine isn’t helping.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your daily Starbucks. Just make sure you bring a water bottle with you so you don’t feel tempted to go get a diet coke from the vending machine…

*As I type this, I literally am drinking diet coke…oops*

Do Your Homework


I am such a procrastinator and I wait until an hour before when I decide to get the homework down.

I plan on doing it the night before. That way I can go to sleep knowing I have everything ready for the next day.

This one will definitely be tough.

Dress Cute…It Makes You Feel Good


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I go to an art school, and at art school, you can’t just throw on sweatpants be ok. For me personally, I really don’t like wearing sweatpants all the time.

When I have a cute outfit on, I find myself feeling more confident and more motivated. So if you wake up earlier like said above, you’ll have more time to get ready.

Plus who knows, you might meet your future husband today!

Read More

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I have tons of good books that I haven’t opened! Sad, I know.

Reading really helps your brain (duh) and it also gives you an opportunity to put your phone away.

Constantly checking it can really take a toll on you so having something to distract you is always good! I love murder mystery books and my mom gave me a good one!

Call Up a Friend


My best friend Jackie is who I know I can call up whenever. After I’m done talking to her, I feel so much better.

Calling up your best friend will always be therapeutic because you know they can help you through anything.

Be More Independent


Just like the Kelly Clarkson song (Miss Independent)

For me, I HATE being on my own. I love being around people especially my SO. I realize that it’s not healthy when you feel like you need it all the time.

This doesn’t mean you have to drop everyone you love, it means you can go to the grocery store by yourself and also learn to love spending time with yourself!

Have a Morning/Night Beauty Routine



Routines are everything. They make your day smoother and having a morning and night beauty regimen is a great way to make you feel like you have your shit together.

I found some good ones on Pinterest which I’ll put down below:

Paint Your Nails


Painting your nails is a great pastime and it also makes me personally feel like I have my life together.

Plus, if you paint your nails, it’s cheaper and you can always change up the color!

Get Some Sleep


Sleep is also key to feeling better! Don’t feel bad if you go to bed early especially on a week day.

Start off your day after a good nights sleep will help you feeling refreshed and ready to go!

You got this! Remeber that you’re not super human and it’s ok to have a mental breakdown, just talk it out and make sure you realize what you need to do to feel better!




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