5 Signs That He’s a Jerk

If you’re like me when you are a single gal just trying to find a cute sweet guy. Sadly it seems almost impossible in the entire city of Chicago. Either they have just wanted to fuck and leave or are emotionally unavailable.

Then come the worst ones of all..the jerks. The men you either end-up dating or at least falling for that treat you like shit but cover it up with love and lust that you can’t even tell.

Well, I’m here to shed some light for you and help you notice the signs that the most likely is a huge jerk.


1. He Never Answer’s Your Texts


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Now listen, I get that family, friends, work, and school are a thing and are also very important but I’d like to know when you can/can not talk so I’m not left there wondering. If barely responds to your texts with no excuse or even too many excuses…he’s a jerk

2. Bails On Plans


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If he constantly bails on you then he’s most likely not interested. Life gets busy but every time you make plans? I’m sure even Obama didn’t bail on plans with Michelle when he was in office.

3. Never Asks You About Yourself


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I read this somewhere and I really believe it to be true. If you ask him about his family, school, career, etc. and he NEVER asks about yours…he’s a jerk. This is a key sign because if he doesn’t plan on keeping you around then why does he have to care that you use to have a rabbit named Peter as a child.

I dated a guy who never asked me about myself and he ended up being a huge jerk so no surprise there.


4. He Never Introduces You to His Friends

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If you haven’t met his friends or he hasn’t met yours and hasn’t tried to then that should be a red flag. ALSO if he answers a phone call around you and says he’s “busy” and doesn’t say he’s with you…red flag.

5. He Only Seems Loving When You’re Getting Undressed

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I’ve been with guys like this and it sucks.

It feels like the only time he makes you feel good about yourself is when you’re about to get busy in the sheets. Then he doesn’t cuddle with you after and just kinda wants to move on with his day…Probably a red flag.


I’m sure there are more signs you’re probably dating a jerk but here are the key ones for me personally. If you can relate to these then I think it’s time to drop his ass. You deserve better girl!




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