My Girls

Where would Kim be without her Paris? Where Demi be without Selena? Granted all those friendships ended but you get my point. You need best friends!

Over winter break (December to January) I was blessed with the best Christmas gift ever.. a great group of girlfriend. When I was in high school, I had a small group of girls who honestly treated me like shit. I’d always be left out and whenever they needed a shoulder to cry on, I was there in a second flat. As for me, when I needed a friend… I was left with nothing.

When I graduated high school, those girls dropped me because they believed a rumor my ex-boyfriend spread about me. After trying to beg them that it wasn’t true and to take me back…I decided to fuck it. I dropped everyone I knew from high school and focused on living a new life in the city.

To much dismay, I felt like I still couldn’t find that solid group of girls that I needed. Little did I know that the ginger girl in my creative writing class would introduce me to the best thing life has given me in a while.

My first time meeting these girls was at a Halloween party where I drank a whole bottle of wine and could barely see what was in front of me. I know I made out with at least two of girls and I felt so “wild”.


Kendrah is one of that girl I met for the first time by drunkenly kissing them…. but how do I explain Kendrah…she’s that one girl you know is going to be very successful. If Anna Wintour had a daughter it would be Kendrah. Her life is storybook and after she’s done telling you about her 6-hour date in New York or her date in Europe or even how she got hit by Justin Bieber’s car. Her life is a crazy whirlwind and she handles it like no one’s business. I swear she could rule the world and barely break a sweat.

Either way, I love this girl more than anything and I can’t wait to see us going to fashion week together and jet-setting to Paris.




Jackie, She’s my Gemini soul. This girl is like a mother to you. Whenever I am feeling down or worried I could be doing something really stupid, she is the one I call. I love her to death and she honestly deserves the world. I have only known her for a few months but I feel like it’s been years. I can wait to be at each other’s wedding and baby showers. But despite everything she’s done for, she’s probably the strongest person I know. She goes through so much crazy shit in her personal life and she handles it like a boss even if it affects her, she won’t let you see that. I have no idea how she does it.


Fernanda-aka Fafi. She is probably the most beautiful person I’ve met. She has the best style for anything and everything. I feel like we can bond over anything and she will give you the advice you need to hear even if you don’t want to hear. She has your back 24/7. On top of that, like I said again, this girl could be a fashion model.


Dana-I couldn’t get a good picture of her because she was drowning in wine but she’s still my favorite bitch! She and I are like twins but we are also so different. A day with her never gets old and I can’t wait to be living in the city with one of my best friends by my side. She is the girl who tells you how it is and also is there to pick you up when you’re down. She will bend over backward for her friends and I find that so admirable. I’ve known her since high school and I can’t wait to be two tiny fashion savvy old ladies.


I love you guys and I am so lucky to have you! xoxo


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