It’s Ok NOT To Orgasm

Everywhere in Hollywood and in porn, we see other women have the big O. We hear that it’s one of the best feelings in the world. I mean guys can obviously orgasm and it’s a little more obvious as far as “evidence” than women. So why can’t I experience that big O?


Every guy I’ve had sex with always asks me that dreaded question after he’s finished…”don’t you wanna cum?” Yes, honey, I’d looove to but there is just one slight problem…I don’t think I can.

Trust me, I’ve tried everything. I’ve done it myself, had guys try it on me, and I’ve even researched it! But the case is, I just can’t orgasm…but that’s ok! Listen, not all women can orgasm and it should be a known fact to everyone who wants to have sex with females. Not all women will squirt or have these drawn orgasms that make the sheets crinkle.

Now I’ve gotten the guys that will say “well you must’ve not had sex with the right person.” Trying to act all cocky and like they are superman here to come save me from this sex wasteland.


The thing is…I’ve had some great sex in my 20 years of living. I’ve also had some bad sex. The great sex felt…well great! Sheets falling off, sweat coming off our bodies, moans, groans, knocking things off the shelf…you name it. But even the guy who had the holy dick couldn’t even make me cum. So it’s not the sex that prevents me or other women from cumming.

Another reason is just some women don’t like getting their clit touched and again that’s OK! It’s hella sensitive and if I’m having sex and a man touches my clit it makes me uncomfortable! Not that it creeps me out, but it’s so sensitive that I just want to squirm to get away. Not sexy.

When I researched why can’t I orgasm, it told me I needed to clear my mind. That I’m thinking too much about it and that’s why I can’t cum. Well, that’s definitely not my problem because the only thing I’m thinking about is the man with me.

Let’s face it..some women just can’t orgasm and I’m sadly one of those. If you are too, don’t worry. Yeah, it sucks we won’t experience the big O but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy having sex! Of course, we do!

So don’t be too hard on yourself and reassure whomever you have sex with that if they don’t make you orgasm, it’s ok because you can’t! That way they don’t have pressure and you can just enjoy the sex together without any big anticipation.




I hope you enjoyed my second sex article. I’m planning on expanding my writing to making blog posts about sex, life, and of course fashion. So stay tuned!



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