How To Deal With a Break-Up

We argue about many different things, but I think we all can agree that break-ups suck, especially when you are the dumpee. The throbbing pain through your whole body, the anxiety, the longing, and the endless, endless tears. The worst part is when people try to give you That Advice ™ on how to deal with your broken heart.

If you’ve gone through that, then you know what That Advice ™ is. It’s when people say “you just need to move on” or “his lost” or “you’re better without him”. Don’t get me wrong, everyone means well, but it’s easier said than done.

I know it’s his loss because I mean…look at me…I’m a solid 10/10. I know I’ll move on from him, but the wound is so fresh that I don’t want to think about moving on. I know I’m better without him but right now his phone charger laying in my room makes me break down…so give it time.

valentines day

So whether you are going through it right now like me or you may go through this at some point, I have a few tips and tricks to help you get through it.

(Also this plays a reminder for me as well)



I just had to have my friend group “talk me off the ledge” from telling him I missed him. I know you want to tell him you miss him and hate him and also want to kiss him. The sad truth is…that it won’t bring him back, as much as you want it to.

Delete his number or just wear a hair tie around your wrist and every time you feel like pulling up his number, pull the hair tie so it slaps your wrist. Don’t do it!


2. Cry!


A lot! It hurts when the person you love rips your heart out and stomps on it. It’s okay to cry. Grab your cat or dog, lock the door, put on Taylor Swift (old Taylor), and let it all out.

Just make sure you don’t cry in front of him…he doesn’t need to see you at your weakest.


3. Be Around Your Girls


If you have a great group of girlfriends like I do then you’re in luck! They are here for you! Your friends are put on this earth to help you get through tough times like these. Literally the second I got dumped, I called one of my best friends and just sobbed to her.

Have a sleepover filled with junk food, cheesy 2000’s movies, and cuddling.


4. Love Yourself


This is a time to take time for yourself. Now that you don’t have a mans to worry about, you can now worry about yourself. Do yoga like you promised you would. Make more time to do homework. It’s all about you baby! Do some self-care because you deserve it!


5. Take Sexy Selfies

Have one of your girlfriends grab a Polaroid and take pics in your lingerie. You’ll feel better and it’s a good way to show everyone..including him that you are doing totally fine.


6. You’re Gonna Be OK


I know right now it sucks but you have to realize that love isn’t over. He just wasn’t the one but that doesn’t mean you won’t find the one eventually.

What you do have now (hopefully), is a great group of friends and family who love you unconditionally. So cry into a bottle of vodka with your best friends on the kitchen floor. You got this!


Stay Rad, Stay Bad






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