Valentine’s Day Inspo

Yes,  it’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day. For some, February 14th means a day filled with giant teddy bears, a bouquet of your favorite flowers, a box of delicious chocolates, and a night with your significant other.



To others it means, staying in your fuzzy slippers, ordering in pizza and a box of chocolates all for one, and a bottle of wine in which you plan on drinking the whole bottle until you’re passed out on the couch to “Definitely, Maybe”.

valentines day

For me, I have no clue what I’m doing! Most likely it will be passing out on the couch to some rom-com after drinking away my feelings with a bottle of Barefoot Pink Moscato but at least I’ll have my mans with me.

vQepWb7 - Imgur

Well, whether you are going out to dinner with your bae or staying in with your bae, OR if you’re single like me and you’ll be staying in…I’ve got your outfit covered for every plan you might have on the 14th.


Dinner Out With S.O



What you need:

Cute Cocktail Dress

Faux Fur Heels


*Add dangly earrings


Out To a Movie


What you’re going to need:

Black Skinny Jeans

White Knit Sweater

Pink Jacket

Ballet Flats

*Add a cute tote bag to fill with cheap drugstore candy*


Going Out With The Girls™


Faux Leather Mini

Band T-Shirt

Thigh High Boots (a bit expensive)


*Add a cute clutch and you’re ready to go!*

Staying In


Unicorn Slippers

Flannel PJ Set



Have a happy Valentine’s day babes! It’s only one day a year to be loving so be safe and have a great night even if you’re single!


Stay Rad, Stay Bad

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