New Years Eve Inspo

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Where people who are way into astrology (much like myself) freak out because what does 2018 have in store for my sign?!  Will Taurus land herself an opportunity of a lifetime?! Will Taurus finally find a man who isn’t a Scorpio and actually cares?? We may never know!

For some people, this is just another year. The worst part is New Year’s Eve is it’s this day where you can get drunk with your friends and kiss the person of your dreams at midnight..ideally. For some like me, it means staying in and getting drunk and crying because the only person you’re kissing at midnight is your cat.

So I thought of making some outfit ideas for people going out this New Years Eve and for people staying in! Because you can lay in your sweats and still look cute! Plus what if your lover runs to you before midnight just to confess their undying love…hey it could happen…probably won’t…but it could.

Here are some outfit ideas for different events you may be attending this New Years Eve…


Party: Fancy

Outfit #1

All you need is very glitter dress and is a bit oversized and a choker

Sequin oversized dress- Forever 21 for $29.99

Find a plain large choker-they have some at Forever 21 or any store really like I think they have them at Target!

Pair with strappy heels or even cute black booties like these below:

Even (if you want) add opaque black tights with a plain clutch with minor details because the dress is going to be the big eye catcher.

Outfit #2

A white blouse top

Kohl’s for $29.99

Cute patterned shorts/ skort (yeah those are back and very sexy…not like the one you had in 3rd grade. Forever 21 has a lot for super cheap!

Like this for only $17.90.

Blazer- Try thrifting this or stealing on from your dad, boyfriend, brother, etc. I haven’t had much luck finding one that was under $30.

Black pumps

Charlotte Russe has some cute ones like these for only $15.60:

Add some cute earrings or a linear necklace to close up the deal!

Outfit #3

A tulle midi skirt

They have a hella cute one from Forever 21 (shocker) for ONLY $12.45!!

*The Seafoam color is very cute and could still work!

A tight crop top or body suit for the top

Add strappy heels like these:

Pair with a faux leather jacket and a glittery clutch and you’re ready to go!


House Party/Bar

Outfit #1

A sequin cami dress:

A graphic tee like a band tee: Forever 21 for $22.90

and black booties! Super casual and very cute.

Outfit #2

Black leggings: Charlotte Russe for only $5.00

*You can also pair this outfit with ripped boyfriend jeans!

Sequin Top: Forever 21 for only $6.00

Black pumps and a faux leather jacket and some cute earrings and you’re done!

*You can also add an oversized sweater with the leggings to create outfit #3


Staying In/Chilling With Friends

Outfit #1

Sweatpants/Pj pants: Target for $16.99

Comfy tank-top: Target for $12.99

A long Cardigan-Thrift this or your mom probably has one!

Add cute slippers or uggs to be hella comfy.

Outfit #2

Oversized Hoodie-Steal one form your boy or if you’re single like me, Forever 21 has cute ones and just get a larger size.

Knee Highs: Target for $8.00

Outfit #3

Joggers or sweatpants: Forever 21 for $12.00

White sneakers: Payless is the best!

A plain tee  and a long cardigan is perfect!

*Remember, no bra allowed*


I hope you all have a safe and happy New Years Eve. Don’t drink and drive and remember to have fun! If you are staying in and drinking with your friends (like me) or simply staying in alone..don’t feel bad! It’s one night and it’s kinda lame. But please be safe y’all!

*Also shout out to Dana and Fafi for not having me celebrate this day alone!

Stay Rad Stay Bad



*I don’t own any of these photos*

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