Hey guys, I having a lot of anxiety as I’m writing this. The thing that really sucks about anxiety is…well there is a lot things, but the worst is the fact that you get it and you don’t know why. You could have just come home from an awesome date and just break down. Then everything feels like it’s caving in on you and also it’s most likely always the time of hour in which everyone is either out or asleep so you feel very lonely which only makes it worse.

Anyways, I’m trying to be productive with my mental health and I decided to talk to you guys. I thought about all the cute romantic things that only happen in movies. But I’m a class A hopeless romantic so I really want these things to come true. So, any boy who is secretly in love with…here is your chance.

Here are a few hopeless romantic things that I secretly want to do:

1. Kiss in the Rain.


So sexy and so romantic!

2. Fight in the Rain…but resolve it


Resolving it with a kiss in the rain.

3. Getting Sent an Obnoxious Amount of  Flowers


I love pink roses just a FYI

4. Throwing a Milkshake


Not the most romantic…but I’ve always wanted to do it!

5. Having a Guy Chase After Through An Airport


I want a guy to run after to me and say “don’t get on that plane” but too bad TSA had to cock block me..

6. Throwing Rocks At my Window


And don’t forget the boombox.

7. Dancing in a Kitchen or Gazebo


Now all I need is Chad Michael Murray. But also, let’s dance to Marvin Gaye and get wine drunk.

8. Writing Love Letters


Especially if we’re long distance.


Well I hope all enjoyed that list. Too bad I don’t have a Chad Michael Murray or a Ryan Gosling so I’ll take my single self to bed with cats.

Stay Rad Stay Bad

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