How To Beat Winter Blues

Hey guys, so have you ever felt really down around this time of year? I mean think about it, the holidays are almost over, finals are over (thank god) but that through your mental health through a loop (stress does that to ya), and also it’s cold so you don’t find yourself thriving like you did in the summer with moisturized skin/lips, and hair.

That’s all because the winter blues aka seasonal affective disorder is a real ass thing. You’re likely not getting a whole lot of vitamin D which is from the sun because why would you go outside and chill in 30-degree weather?? So your melatonin levels are off and that just makes you feel sad and really sleepy.

For me, it’s kind of the reason why I was never a fan of the holiday season because that means cold and I don’t fuck with cold (I live in Chicago so I’m fucked). I also dropped so many people I knew from high school because high school was less than an excellent experience. So that means, coming home for the holidays, is less than jolly. It’s mainly filled with me driving to the local Target or Jewel and praying to god I don’t run into old “schoolmates”. I had to leave my friends, freedom, apartment, and just the better life of college behind for a bit.

So if you’re struggling like me, I have come up with a few way to combat those winter blues.

Watch All Your Favorite Movies


Preferably with a happy ending. I suggest those cheesy ones you use to spend your lonely nights as a high school teen with. Ha you know those night where ex best friends got drunk at parties and never invited you to. HAHA yeah same.  I mean if you’re back sleeping in your cramped childhood bedroom filled with Jonas Brother posters than you might as well get a little nostalgic. I recommend movies like:

Legally Blonde 1 and 2

Anything with Hilary Duff

Pretty in Pink


10 Things I hate About You

She’s All That

Never Been Kissed

Bring It On

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Or any Disney Channel Original movies from the late 90’s to early 2000’s.



I know it’s probably been awhile since you opened a book that wasn’t for an assignment buuut reading can actually be fun! To avoid running into anyone you know, go to the Barnes and Noble a little ways from your house. Buy yourself some Starbucks (everything is a lot cheaper in the suburbs) and just browse. Maybe get a few (*hint* your mom will be happy to be seeing you with a book that she might stop asking you about your ex boyfriends…trust me.)

I’m currently reading “Every Day” by David Levithan. It’s really good and they are making it into a movie soon so try to grab it before the movie comes out!

Here is the trailer:

Start a Craft/Hobby


Or just create a Pinterest board about it and act like you’re gonna do it. I’m trying out baking…and it’s not going too well. But the plus is, I don’t have to worry about the fire alarm going off in my building and everyone hating me, my parents buy me all the ingredients (thanks mom and dad), and we have a dish washer because your girl needs a break from washing dishes.

Work Out?

working out

Ha I know what you think, HELL. NO. and I completely agree. I really don’t feel like reliving high school gym class.. thank you very much. BUT THEN THERE IS YOGA!

Yoga really helps with anxiety and it brings your heart rate up. Meditation will ease your mind and exercise helps with melatonin levels. And it doesn’t involve any weird machines. Plus you’ll definitely look cute and trendy in your yoga outfit so you’ll definitly impress that guy who use to be a senior when you were a chubby freshman and low-key flirts with you at the gym.



I recently bought a Lisa Frank coloring book with glitter crayons and trust me it was worth the purchase. It keeps your mind busy and who doesn’t love/miss Lisa Frank. Now if you don’t want to feel like you’re back in fourth grade, they have adult coloring books (if you didn’t already know) and they are pretty rad.

Spend Some Time With Your Family


Yikes I know. But despite the constant questions about ex boyfriends, grades, and apartment hunting…they aren’t all that bad. If you’re like me, then you really only have your immediate family. So leave your room for a bit and watch the news with your parents or sit on the couch and cuddle with your parents. It literally is the best feeling ever and makes you feel like your 5 again and I mean we all know we need to feel 5 again. Also sometimes telling your family what is actually wrong..really helps.

Binge Watch YouTube Videos


Learn how to contour because god knows you’re not gonna have time to learn while you’re rushing to your 9 am next semester. Or learn about the conspiracy theories behind serial killers. This is the best time. But warning! It will lead you to be freaked out by everyone…so be careful.

Find New Music


With all this free time comes time to find new jams! I found “American Teen” by Khalid. Yeah I know, that album has been out for a while but I listen to old music so this is a step up for me! Find some new jams and annoy your friends with them and also with how much you miss them.

Here is a link of one of fave new finds:


Listen girl, you can get through this! It’s okay if you cry but wipe your tears, take a bubble bath and watch Mean Girls till you fall asleep. You’ll be back to that crazy adult life before you know it and you’ll be missing the free time. Just take deep breaths and dream of summer (it will be here before you know it!)

Stay Rad Stay Bad

*I don’t own any of these photos*


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