Dress Like an Icon

As most of you know, I have this undying love for Lana Del Rey.  She has been inspiration to me for years. Her style, her poetic lyrics, her beautifully haunting vocals, and her desire for vintage men, have been just a couple of things I have found to resonate with me to the core. She’s my idol and I must pay a omage to this angel.

So here it goes, a few ways to dress like Lana based off her albums…


1. Born To Die


This album was her first creation under the name Lana Del Rey. This album gives such good vibes that it make me want to dance around in my lingerie with my imaginary sugar daddy that looks like Mick Jagger and have him throw champagne on me while he smokes his cigar…okay you get the point and I need to stop.

This look is for more of her Ride, Born To Die, and National Anthem. So think Americana all the way.

Lana Del Rey Buttwiser T-shirt- Etsy for $17.99


*An idea is cutting the shirt so it slouches over your shoulder (very Lana)*

High-waisted jean shorts-Thrift them! Buy some mom jeans and cut and rip them (use a sharp knife and saw at the denim to create the rips! But be careful)

Red Chuck Taylors Wal-Mart for $35.07


Fringe Jacket-This has been a difficult item to find that either isn’t under $30 or sold out. I’d say look up how to DIY a jean jacket of yours and maybe acid wash it too!

Cowboy boots Also kinda difficult to find cheap ones but I’ve seen them in thrift stores (Belmont Army Vintage if you’re from Chicago).

Lace Open-Shoulder dress Forever 21 for $27.90


2. Ultraviolence


Ultraviolence is her sophomore album. This has been one of her most jazz-inspired records and also was noticeable very dark. Think depression wrapped in lace. This album uses dark hues and definitely shades of blue ;). This album makes me want to lay in a Brooklyn apartment with my boyfriend who is in a band and shotgun a joint with him all while listening to a Velvet Underground record.

A faux leather jacket is a must and you can find a cheap one at Forever 21.

Rip mom jeans thrift this and make the rips yourself!

*Think Winona Ryder circa 1990’s*


Add a graphic tee and a red lip and you’re ready.

Lana sports two dress throughout her Ultraviolence phase.

Her first one is the one she wears in “Shades of Blue.” It’s very colorful and vintage 80’s.

You can find this at Forever 21- on sale for $ 16.03. https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/Product/F21/dress/2000114358

Also another dress is her ultraviolence. Now obviously you don’t want wear a wedding gown but lace is key. Here is one at Forever 21 https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/Product/F21/dress/2000114358

3. Honeymoon


This is her third album and sadly doesn’t get a whole lot of buzz. I’m not sure why because if you listen to her track “Honeymoon,” it literally sounds like it came out of a cinematic master piece!

*Here is the link because it’s THAT beautiful*

With this album, think an up and coming actress in hollywood in the 1960’s  living in her beach house with diamonds and her lover who is this actor named Salvador who loves her but she’s just a depressed movie star who turns to taking acid and cocaine and secretly hates her life in the spotlight…too real I know. So think of “Valley of the Dolls” meets Charles Manson.

Go for a lot of lingerie. This look will be a perfect house outfit if you’re having people over or if you just want to feel pretty and feminine.

So slip dresses are a must! If you want cheap and not so cute, then Forever 21 is the way to go. I did find a very “High By The Beach” slip dress at H & M http://www.hm.com/us/product/68266?

For a more expensive but very elegant dress, Victoria Secret has amazing ones like this one –  Satin & Chantilly Lace Slip for $45.00. *hint, hint @ mans*

With these slip dresses, you will need a beautiful kimono to match. There is a cheap one at Forever for only $15.00! The Foliage Print kimono, defiantly gives “Music To Watch Boys To” vibes.

Lastly, for a sixties look, a nice cotton blouse (can be found at H&M for $29.00) and a nice pair of cropped skinny jeans is a perfect simple look. Add some cute ballet flats or kitten heels.

Add vintage sunglasses from Forever 21 for only $9.00 and you’re ready to go!

4. Lust For Life


Lust For Life has become her most recent album and a favorite by many. Some say that  has been a huge part in Lana’s career. First off, she released her album cover and she was actually smiling in it!!! This album has a noticeable joy and also this is her first album where she has featured artists. Let me tell you, the artist she choose were BEAUTIFUL! Not only did she collab with the witch goddess herself Stevie Nicks. But she also had A$AP Rocky, Sean Lennon, and of course, The Weeknd.

This album is again very 60’s and daisies and cherries are both reoccurring themes. Think of a young women growing up the late 60’s to early 70’s and dresses like Lolita (1997) and just rides her bike around downtown playing her transit radio.


I’ve shown a lot of lace dresses in this post, so as you can believe, Lana loves lace!

For more of her hip hop aspect for the album, this  Stripe Cherry Top for $14.90 @Forever 21 is hella cute and if you add black mom jeans and black lace choker then you’re good to go!

Add a cherry red lip to the white lace and you’re perfect!


Well I hope you enjoyed these Lan Del Rey album inspired looks and if you want to see more, please comment below what you want me to cover next!

Stay Rad Stay Bad

*I don’t own any of these photos*

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