Let’s Hear It for the Boys

This has been highly requested and first I was going to create a few outfits inspired by 90’s celebs but…I realized I know a lot of guy who are fashionably challenge. They can’t create an outfit for shit and I also see so many guys making simple mistakes that just make me cringe.

Instead of overwhelming you all with different outfits, I am going to give you a select pieces of clothing ALL guys should own! because nothing is sexier than a well dressed man.

Black Jeans


FIRST OF ALL! Please buy fitted jeans!! You look so nice in them and they fit every body type so well! Black jeans are must to have! They have cheap ones at H & M. You buy them with rips or not or even add the rips yourself.

Skinny Jeans





In either olive-green or khaki.

White High Tops



Skate Shoes


You don’t have to be a sk8r boi to pull off this style.



Not cheap but if you live in Chicago/cold weather place, then you should invest.

Jean Jacket


Flannel, Flannel, Flannel!

flannel 1

Flannels with hoods, flannels you dad owns, any flannel is a good flannel!

Denim Button Up


Jumper/ Pull Over Sweater


Band T-Shirts!!!

band t 2

This Shirt


I don’t know how to describe this shirt but it’s a plain scoop neck with a patch pocket and it’s perfect! They have them at H & M.



Button Up

button up

And without further ado…

Here is your outfit inspo…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope all of you can take from this and look sexy!

Let me know if you want more men’s fashion tips inspired by the 90’s or other decades.

Stay Rad Stay Bad


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