My Favorite Things

Lately I have been pretty down and anxious more than I normally am. My mom always told me, when I’m feeling blue-to make a list of all the things that make you happy and try to achieve as many of the things on the list as you can in one day. So if you’re dealing with having your heartbroken by shitty men or stressing over the holidays and finals being in the near future…I challenge you do to this!

Here goes mine (I decided to do 26 since that’s today’s date):

  1. New York in the 80’s/90’s – particularly New York in When Harry Met Sally 

harry met sally 2

(If you haven’t seen this movie then I highly recommend it)

2. Cute diners.


I’m always on the look out for them! There are some cute ones around Chicago.

3. Making new friends.


I’ve made tons this semester in my classes like in my journalism class or my writing class! Ah I love all those girls!

4. The smell of Lilacs


Ugh you can practically smell the picture!

5. Singing songs with your friends or lover and knowing all the words!


6. Candles


I’m obsessed.

7. Bubble baths


My theory (and Sylvia Plath even said it best in her book The Bell Jar) is that bubble baths cure EVERYTHING. Had a stressful day? Bubble bath. Heartbroken-bubble bath. Sick-bubble bath. Anxious-bubble bath. Happy-bubble bath! Have a glass of wine while you soak too.

8. Forehead kisses.


Although I am very single, I LOVED getting forehead kisses from a man! I get all heart eyed thinking about! It’s the best and most simple way to show affection…ugh 😦

9. Phone calls.


I hate texting and snapchatting and wish more people wanted to have phone conversations! They are more fun because you can understand the person’s tone better  and the best part is when you’ve been talking realize that you two have been on the phone for hours.

10. Finding your favorite album on vinyl.


The best part is the crackling sound the needle makes when you first lay down a record!

11. Cats

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Especially my baby!

12. Getting new make-up.

make up

Even if it’s only from the drugstore, I think it’s so fun to try it on as soon as I get home!

13. Shopping.


I mean duh!



The place is magical.

15. Pink Roses.

pink roses

I love getting flowers BUT my favorite flowers of all time are pink roses…hint, hint 😉

16. Romantic Comedies.

boom box\

I’m a hopeless romantic (emphasise on the hopeless) and I just want to live my life through romantic comedies and have a man throw rocks at my window with a boom box, or have him run and kiss me in the rain or slow dance with me in the kitchen to “At Last” by Etta James.

17. Twinkle Lights.


They are so cozy!

18. Pizza.


Who doesn’t love pizza? Except people who are allergic to diary or lactose intolerant

19. 80’s/90’s movies.


Because I just want to live my life as a 80’s/90’s teen movie.

20. Mom’s cooking.


My mom always knows how to make things better and she also knows how to make things taste better. Like she makes a grilled cheese taste amazing but only when she makes it! I don’t know how she does it!

21.  Lana Del Rey.


Look at how beautiful my queen is!!

22. Back rubs.


Back rubs by your S.O when you’re falling asleep is heaven!

23.  A new Cosmopolitan


My dream is to work for Cosmo but in the mean time, I’ll just absorb everything they offer monthly, page by page!

24. Quoting something and someone getting the reference.


I will marry any man who can quote the Office as much as me.

25. Zodiac signs and meeting someone who wants to talk about them.


Let’s talk about how Libra men are shit!

26. Robert Plant’s voice.


He’s so beautiful!


Well those are just a few things that make happy! I hope you can find the things that make you happy and WRITE THEM DOWN!

Stay Rad Stay Bad


*I don’t own any of these photos*

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