The Early 2000’s Called

Hey the early 2000’s called and they are what’s trending! I mean c’mon! The early 2000’s are making a comeback in the best way. For me the 00’s were filled with Limited Too tube tops, old (better) Disney filled with the best orignal movies, AIM messaging, and Lip Smackers gloss.They were such simpler time for most of us because we were just kids. So let me take you back to a time were you would chill in your bedroom filled with Tiger Beat posters with your portable CD player and work on your friendship bracelets.

First let’s talk about making outfits inspired by the 2000’s without it looking like you just walked out of middle school and without you splurging the money you need for your daily lattes.

mean girls

Dress like the most trendy girls at North Shore High School.

(Regina George)

Faux Leather Mini skirt Forever 21 for $14.90

A Little Bit Dramatic T-shirt – Etsy for $11.02 (for a graphic tee in general will do)

Pink Cardigan You can thrift this or see if it’s in your BFFs closet!

(Gretchen Wieners)

Fuzzy Knit Off-the-Shoulder sweater Forever 21 for $22.90

(The fuzziness is very 00’s)

Rosa Yellow Check Print Mini skirt Pretty Little Thing for $12.00

As far as shoes go for both outfits, I’d say go for some jelly heels. They are so 00’s and plus with the cold weather, they look cute with socks! Who knew?!

Lizzie McGuire was the style icon the 00’s! And her BFF Miranda?! Name a more iconic duo..I’ll wait.


Angel Fuzzy Sweater-Knit Cami – Forever 21 for $14.90

The fuzzy cami with the word “Angel” is so 00’s, it makes my heart explode! Also if it’s chilly then pair it with denim jacket and you’re ready to go!

camo pants

Camo pants- JCPenny for $23.60

Choker- You can find one about anywhere. I’d say Forever 21 but if you really want to feel super nostalgic, then go to Claires!


No Regret Graphic Tank top Forever 21 for $8.99

Keep the tank top kinda edgy because Miranda was basically a Disney version goth.

Royal Bones By Tripp Tie Dye Red Plaid Skinny Pants- Hot Topic for $24.75

Plaid Ivy Cap- Kohl’s for $14.99 (Make sure you put it on backwards)

If you don’t want that hat, cabby hats are very 00’s and very in!

mary kate and ashley

The girls of the times! C’mon, you know we all owned the Mary Kate and Ashley books and all secretly wanted to be them! These next looks are going to be if you plan on going out on the town and want to be retro.

Metallic Foiled Velvet Cami dress- Forver 21 for $22.90

Add tights if it’s a chilly night.

Then add a beaded choker for the perfect 00’s touch.

Pair with strappy heels to make the retro look complete (just don’t wear tights with those strappy heels…gross)

Velvet Floral Dress -Forever 21 for $24.90

If you need to wear tights, wear black pumps! Then, to be 00’s, add a skinny sparkly scarf.

Skinny Chainmail Scarf – Forever 21 for $4.95 (psst or just thrift it!)

You’ll be sure to get a kiss at the end of the night BUT make sure you remember the foot pop!


(Real talk, if I like a guy and he kisses me, my foot will pop)

Lastly, don’t forget about your small handbag and you’re ready to look fabulous! Right out of the 2000’s!

I hope this made all of you very nostalgic!

Stay Rad Stay Bad



*I don’t any of the photos*


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