The OG Queen

So first, let me start off by saying hello to my first blog post. I’ll explain all about myself and the purpose for this blog in a later post. Here and now, we are going to talk about the OG broke girl-Rachel Green on FRIENDS. I’ve been watching FRIENDS reruns and despite my deep love for anything and everything 90’s, I found this obsession with Rachel. I mean here she is, running out on her was going to be her future husband, Berry. She is now off on her own in the big city, not depending on her parent’s money to support her and basically growing the fuck up. Sound like anyone? For me, it really resonated with what I’m going through. I’m a broke college girl living in the city without having my mom or dad to help me. Granted, my dad will toss my a 20 dollar bill when he comes to visit (thank god) and that usually helps me with my horrid addiction to Starbuck’s Lattes. Anyways, Rachel shows us girls learning to adult, that’s okay to fall flat on your face a few times or even have those days where you have no  idea what you’re doing with your life.


Rachel shows us you can concur anything with a great small group of friends and all while in the cutest 90’s outfits you have every seen. Rachel can go for a casual oversized sweatshirt with plaid boy shorts to a plaid mini-skirt with a knit cropped sweater and knee highs.

I always wanna look cute just when I’m chilling in my apartment or doing laundry. Rachel get’s this look on point and here is how you can create this outfit. rachel 1

Ribbed Knit Ruffle Cami- Forever 21 for $7.90

Juniors Fold-Over Midi Shorts- Kohls for $15.99 (invest in Kohls cash, trust me because my mom hoards them and I got cute sandals for FREE)

Grey Men’s Flannel- Steal one from your boy OR if you don’t have a boy like moi, then go to a thrift store and it should cost about $3.00

And I would add some chunky socks. They have fuzzy socks at Target (super perfect for winter) and they are pretty cheap like $8.00

rachel 2

Red Vintage Ladies Sexy Plaid Fashion Pleated Skirt- Pink Queen for $12.73

Women’s Wrap Front Cropped Sweater- Target for $13.98

Women’s Three Stripe Over Knee High Socks – Amazon for $7.99 ( *Hint* Amazon Prime has a discount for students! Hell yeah!)


I would add black booties (I’m still on the look out for some cheap nice ones).

Or Mary Janes. If you want a pair that will last you forever but isn’t cheap, then I’d get Doc Marten ones.

rachel 3

Any white graphic tee will do. I found a cute one on the Forever 21 website: Whatever Graphic Tee for $8.90

Tailored Shorts- H&M for $19.99

Opaque Tights-Target for $8.00|adaptpdpexsrch|related_prods_vv|adaptpdpexsrch|52721399|3

Again, I’d add black booties because you can’t go wrong with those shoes.

rachel 4

Another graphic white tee from anywhere (Forever 21 has tons and they are pretty cute and CHEAP)

Blackheart Red and Black Plaid Leggings- Hot Topic for $17.17

White Sneakers – H&M for $24.99!860!3!200226268316!!!g!298547524218!&ef_id=WFGT8QAAAYDqVZwl:20171122071823:s

Add a grey cardigan or sweatshirt to wrap around your waist. You can probably find this in your mom’s closet and if not, thrift it!

Hope you all enjoyed this Rachel look book! If you want to see more celebs, please comment! If you want me to model these outfits, also please comment and let me know!

Stay rad Stay bad

*I don’t own any of these photos*


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